Monday, November 26, 2007

The Discovery Institute

Bob was yet another rerun today. So, I thought I'd bring you this little nugget about Bob's pals at The Discovery Institute. They're the folks who have been pushing creation science intelligent design as a scientific theory; an assertion that was harshly dispelled by a Bush-appointed federal judge in the Kitzmiller v. Dover trial back in 2005.

Well, it turns out they plagiarists and thieves as well. Behold, Discovery Institute fellow William Dembski was recently caught copying, altering, and exhibiting a presentation that was created by Harvard University without their permission.

Why is this a big deal? First, it shows that these people are dishonest. Remember, "thou shalt not bear false witness." Second, it shows that they are devoid of original thought or effort. If they can't even prepare their own presentations, how can they possibly be doing useful scientific research?

In light of these facts, I'm sure Bob will have someone from DI on the show very soon.


dan said...

oh my. i had no idea that the good god fearing folks at discovery (not to be confused with my favorite cable channel discovery) are seeking to cover up there true agendas. go figure ;-)

i hope that the good, but misguided, folks over
at the discovery inst. ;-) realise that its just not
good science to plagerise.

let alone to do this in the name of god / on behalf of how you see god.


dan said...

did wm dembski get punished ? fired ? promoted to another right wing think tank ;-) ?