Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bob attacks AP for Clinton Puff Piece but Ignores Reality

Today, Bob claimed that "Hillary Clinton has the mainstream media helping her." To prove this assertion, he cited this Associated Press story which detailed that Hillary went to church before going out campaigning last Sunday. Admittedly, this story was a "puff piece", i.e., an uncritical article that only asserts positive or inconsequential information. Some might refer to such an article as a "human interest story."

Bob was livid about this story. He called it a "propaganda piece" and said it "sounds like a Clinton campaign press release." Bob also condemns the AP for not publishing a "hard news story."

What Bob omits and/or ignores is that these stories are written all the time about all of the candidates. For instance, here's a New York Times (!) story about Mitt Romney and his wonderful family on the campaign trail. Here's an AP story about Mike Huckabee campaigning with former pro wrestler Ric Flair. Over here, you'll find another AP story about various candidates performing good deeds on Thanksgiving.

But Bob doesn't tell you about all these other puff pieces written about the candidates? Why? Because it doesn't fit in with his made-up, nonsensical narrative about how the mainstream media is helping Hillary. Why does Bob want to push this narrative? God only knows...


dan said...

Bob relies heavily on his listeners not to stray too far from his message. When people of all faiths &
colors actually read for themselves, they see what
we see, a truthful picture of politics, Bob's tirades fall apart.


Anonymous said...

Here's another puff piece on Mitt Romney. He visited a premature baby in the hospital and recalled the birth of one of his sons. I'm sure that today, Bob will declare that Mitt has the mainstream media helping him. But don't hold your breath!