Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Bob lies about Islam

Bob seems to likes fostering divisions between people, as I've discussed before. It is clear to me that he wants his listeners to ignore the commonalities between the various peoples of our country and instead focus on differences, even if those differences are fabricated. He is one of the most negative people I've ever had the displeasure to listen to.

As an example, today Bob talked about a story in the Detroit News that explained the Hajj pilgrimage. But instead of actually discussing the story, Bob went on and on about how Islam is not an Abrahamic religion. His rationale is that since Islam was founded by Mohammad in the 7th Century, that it's not rooted in Abraham. But what Bob doesn't tell you is that Koran has numerous references to Abraham and that Muslims believe Abraham is their spiritual father. In fact, a main aspect of the Hajj pilgrimage is honoring Abraham!

So why does Bob want to promote division and animosity? What could possibly be the reason? Does Bob not want there to be understanding between people of different faiths and beliefs?


Irl Hudnutt said...


In the Bible, Abraham had a first son by the handmaiden Hagar. This son was named Ishmael. Once Isaac was born, Abraham's wife, Sarah, became jealous and booted Hagar and Ishmael out.

In Islamic tradition, Hagar and Ishmael traveled to what is now Saudi Arabia and founded Mecca. Ishmael had many descendents, one of whom was Muhammed, prophet of Allah.

But Bob wont let Muslims claim that Muhammed was descended from Abraham because Bob is a tool.

Bob's denial of Islamic tradition is just another way for Bob to control. Bob will never let other people practice their faith because he thinks he should "save" them.

If Bob ever realizes that other traditions are just as valid as Christianity, he's going to have lot of apologies to make.

John B said...

Bob's identity ,as any long time listener would conclude, seems fully invested in Christianity (and right wing politics). He probably sincerly believes that it is the only way to salvation hence all his disparagement towards nonChristian religions ( after all Bob is concerned for their eternal souls). Bob doesn't want anything to puncture his worldview balloon. After all he still hasn't healed from being told that Santa doesn't exist. ( hey this may be cheap head shrinking but I had to find some use for my Psychology degree)