Monday, December 3, 2007

John West

Today, Bob had a character on the show named John West. West is a member of the Discovery Institute, the group that pretends to be a scientific research institute, but actually does no scientific research. Instead, they merely advocate the discredited "intelligent design" hypothesis.

I'm not going to get into the whole "interview." Basically, Bob let West go on unchallenged at length. The gist was basically "Darwinism is bad cause it leads to eugenics, crime, and a lack or morality." Of course, this was all fact-free and evidence-free conjecture, but that's what Dutko does best.

If you'd like to hear some opposing views of West, he spoke in Minnesota a few days ago. A few real scientists showed up to challenge him, including PZ Meyers and Greg Laden. Go ahead and read their accounts of the meeting since they're probably more interesting than my writing.


kdog said...

I would like to know what part of the intelligent design theory has been officialy discredited.

Anonymous said...


If you can tell me what the intelligent design theory is, I will be happy to tell you why it is completely non-scientific.

But before you do that, feel free to read the entire Kitzmiller v. Dover decision, where a Republican appointed Federal judge, after weeks of hearing all sides of the issue, ruled that Intelligent Design is not science, but religion, and should not be taught in public school science classes.

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