Thursday, December 20, 2007

Republican Obstruction

Back when the Republicans had control of Congress, Bob complained that the Democrats "obstructed" bills, court nominees, or what have you.

But now that Democrats have control of Congress, Bob has been more or less silent on this issue. Why?

Probably becuase Bob wholeheartedly approves of the Republicans stopping passage of legislation that enjoys support from a majority in Congress as well as a majority of Americans. That begs the question: does Bob actually believes in minority rule?

How bad is the Republican obstruction? Real bad. In just under a year, the Republicans in the Seante have prevented 62 pieces of legislation from receiving an up-or-down vote by use of the filibuster. That breaks a new record for filibuster use for a Congress and they have over a year to go!

You won't hear Bob talk about this. Why? It just doesn't fit his agenda. My question for Bob's listeners: Does Bob's agenda match yours?

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