Sunday, December 23, 2007


On Thursday, December 20, Bob got all hot and bothered over an opinion article written by Kary Moss of the Michigan ACLU, published in the Detroit News. Bob didn't bother to read the entire article or address its substance.

No, Bob decided to concentrate on only one line and accuse Ms. Moss of lying. Specifically, Bob took exception to the sentence: "After all, to advance religious liberty, our nation's Founders intended for government to remain neutral in matters of religion."

Bob, for some unknown reason, hates the separation between religion and government that is mandated by the First Amendment to the Constitution. He argues that the Founders wanted a "blending of Church and State." To support his argument, Bob routinely reads a laundry list of statements by the Founders, as he did on Thursday. Bob purports that this laundry list of statements proves that the Founders wanted this "blending."

But, of course, what Bob never, ever reads are all the statements by the Founders that support Church-State separation. Here's one list, here's another, but there are countless others. Remember, Bob is the guy always complaining that the scientists are hiding the "real" information about evolution, the age of the Earth, etc., yet here he is, actively ignoring and hiding information that contradicts his assertions.

But what's truly ironic about the Bob's baseless attack is that the focus of the article written by Ms. Moss was the baseless attacks on the ACLU by ultra religious conservatives (like Bob). Ms. Moss points out the lies written about the ACLU by WorldNetDaily (one of Bob's favorite "news" sources). She also highlights one of their latest victories, in which they prevented a man's rights against a state prison program that tried to coerce him to renounce his Catholic faith and become a Pentecostal.

Bob simply ignores all the things that the ACLU does to protect ones right to practice their own faith. Instead, he acts like a juvenile and calls them "the anti-Christ liberals union," demonizing them in the same fashion as he demonizes Planned Parenthood.


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Lumberjack said...

Bob’s failures are palpable and manifold when dealing with the ACLU and the issue of separation as expressed in the first amendment.

Were it not for amendment and the ACLU in concert, Bob’s nutty and exclusionary approach to Christianity might very well today be on the outs just as were the Quakers at the time of the Puritans’ greatest influence. He should thank Madison, Jefferson and the ACLU for his unchallenged freedom of access to the airwaves.

Bob like to harp on the actions of the founding fathers as he describes them. He does this of course, since the plain language of the Constitution is utterly devastating to his position. He lies, brazenly and repeatedly so, when he says Fisher Ames is the “author of the first amendment.” I emailed him repeatedly and then wrote him via USPS with full hard-copy documentation with citations about two years ago, yet he knowingly continues promoting his falsehoods regarding Mr. Ames, a minor player at best in the drafting of the first amendment. What a fine example of integrity is our friend Bob for generations that follow.