Friday, January 4, 2008

Bob Lets His Listeners do the Attacking

I just came across this article written by Eric Elnes as part of a group called CrossWalk America. It highlights an interviewing technique that Bob uses, and I don't think we've talked about before.

In this technique, Bob will have a non-typical guest on the show to be interviewed, such as a liberal/progressive Christian, a Christian whose views don't exactly jive with Bob's, or a non-Christian (e.g., an atheist). During the interview, Bob will be quite cordial and even allow the guest to speak uninterrupted. But after the guest is off the air, the knives come out. Usually, Bob will open up the phone lines and let his most sycophantic listeners berate the guest. Bob will break out his "gee golly" voice and have to "reluctantly" agree with the caller.

This technique was used on Elnes and he clearly wasn't impressed. Bob's thoughtful listeners shouldn't be impressed, either.

I first remember this technique being used when Bob had a priest on from St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in Clawson. The priest sounded like an intelligent, compassionate person. But Bob and his listeners carved him up after he was off the air. It was sad, really.


Scooter said...

Hi Jeff,

Bob usually saves this technique for guests who are educated and intelligent enough not to be cowed by his underhanded debating techniques. It's much safer for him to do this rather than challenge them on air and run the risk that they will provide real evidence and argument against his objections and possibly cause one of his listeners to think for themselves! The callers who are allowed to speak aren't interested in any objective discussion. Rather it is an opportunity for them to feel superior by stating their own subjective opinions which are invariably prefaced by "I believe...". No one ever challenges them.
The Episcopalian that you referred to is Harry T. Cook. Among other things, he dared to suggest that the New Testament wasn't exactly an inerrant history book.

Lumberjack said...

Bob also said about Michael Shermer, but not of course while his guest was on the air, "Michael Shermer writes stupid stuff."

Rev. Harry T. Cook, in a recent essay has verbed Jesus by writing the Repubican candidates are all trying to "out-Jesus" one another. For more of Rev. Cook's superb essays and sermons go to harrytcook dot com (no, I can't do links). Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I'll help: Harry T. Cook.