Thursday, January 3, 2008

Bob hates Hillary, Part LXII

Today, Bob outsourced his Hillary obsession to one Peter F. Paul. Paul currently is pimping a homemade DVD (conveniently for sale through WorldNetDaily) about Hillary's "crimes" and "illegalities."

After listening to this idiotic crank go on without interruption or questioning from Bob for what seemed like hours, I thought, "who the heck is this guy?"

Well, it turns out he's quite the character. Paul, originally a lawyer, was convicted in the late 70s for defrauding the Cuban government (!) out of over $8 million and for having a big stash of cocaine in his house (yeah, he was going to sell it). After serving three years, he was released on parole, only to be thrown back in the federal pen for trying to enter Canada using a false identity. Much later, as a co-founder of Stan Lee Media, Paul defrauded investors by artificially inflating the company's stock price. Facing bankruptcy, he fled to Brazil, where he fought extradition back to the U.S. for SEC violations.

Before he left for South America, and late in the Bill Clinton presidency, Paul did quite a bit of fund raising for the Clintons. Chances are he was fishing for a pardon from Bill on the forthcoming SEC violations before he left office, which he never received. Obviously scorned, Paul sued the Clintons and the SEC. None of these suits have panned out and he's now left selling DVDs.

This is a perfect example of the quality of political discussion and intellectual discourse you can find every day on The Bob Dutko Show. In order to show that Hillary Clinton would be a bad, bad President, Bob digs up this two-time felon and drug dealer who has an ax to grind and puts him on the public airwaves. Does Bob have even a shred of dignity?


accuser said...

jeff: take off your hillary clinton knee pads and read the public record linked to Its not about Peter Paul and his colorful past (he isnt running for President) its about what the Clintons did to defraud him of more than $1.2 million according to DOJ prosecutors- and then lie about what they did to the voters in NY and the FEC and then corrupt all agencies that were supposed to hold them accountable.
The trailer for the first documentary on Hillary- the DVD Hillary Uncesnored- became an internet phenomenon when more than 4 million people viewed it sonce it was leaked on Oct 7, 2007. The evidence of Hillary's criminal activity was caught on video tape. The media and Government coverup is unprecedented since Watergate- LOOK AT THE FACTS!

Anonymous said...


You tell me to "LOOK AT THE FACTS" but you haven't provided any. Tell me how the Clintons managed to defraud this criminal out of $1.2 million.

Are you a 9/11 Conspiracy Theory believer as well?