Monday, February 18, 2008

Bob Lets His Listeners do the Attacking, Part II

A while back, I noted that Bob lets his listeners attack interviewees once they're off-air. This strategy of letting the callers do the attacking isn't limited to post-interview situations. Bob's listeners have carte blanche to attack any of Bob's bogeymen at any time.

For example, take this caller from back on February 11. The topic was why born-again Christians are trending towards the Democratic Party. She couldn't understand why it was occurring. After all, the Republicans speak "with calm and with peace" and have more "answers and resolutions." Conversely, the Democrats are the group that "is radical, they're angry, they're mean, they're mean spirited, they're nasty, they're liars..." (emphasis added)

Bob didn't interrupt or challenge her. Bob didn't try to temper her comments by claiming that not all Democrats are as bad as you describe them. Nope. Bob simply allowed the caller to lump all Democrats into a group and demonize them as amoral heathens.

The reality is that her characterization of Democrats is not applicable to even a minority of members of either party. Sure, members of both parties, at times, can show anger and be vicious, nasty and lie. But to paint millions of Americans with such a broad brush is childish. For Bob to not correct the caller is just plain immoral.

But it's really no wonder why the woman has this perception. If you listened to Bob, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, or Michael Medved, without ever doubting what they say, your false perceptions would become fact.


John B said...

Just did a quick search of book titles on Amazon . Book by Barack Obama:" The Audacity of Hope". Title by Ann Coulter: " Treason: Liberal Treachery from the Cold War to the War on Terror". Michael Savage:" Liberalism is a mental disorder" Which ones sound mean spirited and angry?

djtyg said...

On the day after the 2006 elections, Bob had people call his show to talk about it. One of the callers was a conservative black preacher who said that because some of the people who voted for Granholm also voted for Prop 2, all Democrats are racists.

Bob simply said "right, right" in agreement with him. Bob had also been telling people for months to vote yes on Prop 2. So by Bob's own desire to condemn the Democratic party, Bob called himself a racist.

Nevermind Granholm repeatedly told people to vote no on Prop 2.