Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Do as Bob Says, Not as Bob Does

Hey Bobbo;

I'm still waiting for you to respond to my invitation to "Taxi to the Dark Side." I know you're probably working your schedule to free up some time, but RSVP soon, okay?

Anyway, I think this is the third day in a row that you've been humping this World Net Daily story about Barack Obama working with "terrorist" Bill Ayers to give funds to Professor Rashid Khalidi.

We know Ayers is a terrorist because served over two years in prison for conspiring to blow up a San Diego abortion clinic.

Wait. My mistake. Ayers was never convicted of that crime. That was Cheryl Sullenger, whom you interviewed in the very next segment.

Let me see if I have this straight: You're bothered that Obama worked with someone never convicted of terrorism to donate money to an association dedicated to helping arab immigrants while you, Bob Dutko, speak with and encourage a women who has served time for conspiring to blow up doctor's office.

Bobbo, doesn't it seem like you're holding Obama to a standard that you yourself do not abide?

Wouldn't that make you a hypocrite?

You know, Bobbo, in thinking about it, I don't want to see "Taxi to the Dark Side" with you. I've decided to heed Psalm 26:4: I do not sit with deceivers, nor with hypocrites do I mingle.

Yours in Integrity,



Anonymous said...

It takes a special kind of despicable human being to criticize Barack Obama for sitting on the Board of a charity!!! But I wouldn't expect anything less of Bob Dutko and his good friends at WorldNetDaily. These guys must live by the old axiom: "no good deed goes unpunished".

djtyg said...

Somebody should call up Bob on Free For All Friday and ask him to condemn the actions of Sullenger and Operation Rescue.

I'd love to hear that conversation.:)