Monday, July 9, 2007

Bob again has Terrorist Sympathizer on show

Bob again had terrorist sympathizer/enabler Troy Newman of Operation Rescue on the show today. As mentioned before, Newman employs Cheryl Sullenger, a felon convicted of conspiring to bomb an abortion clinic (an act of terrorism), who has herself appeared on Bob's show.

Newman has also voiced support for now-executed terrorist Paul Hill. In a 2003 interview prior to Hill's execution, Troy stated that Hill was "little more than a political prisoner." Therefore, Newman must believe that Hill did nothing wrong when he murdered John Britton and James Barrett outside a Florida abortion clinic.

Bob's choice of repeat guests reflects (negatively) on his credibility and his beliefs. Why does Bob continue to bring Newman and other representatives of Operation Rescue on his show? I truly hope, for Bob's sake, that he doesn't actually support murder of abortion providers.

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djtyg said...

Newman also blamed 9/11 on abortion, saying it was "the blood of over 44,000,000 pre-born children that caused it to happen.