Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bob is Upset!

Today, during the "News" Hour, Bob expressed some frustration about the 2008 Presidential campaign. No, Bob wasn't upset that the lack of discussion on the substantive issues, like the endless war in Iraq, rising gas prices and their effect on consumer prices, or the stagnant job market.

Those are things that Bob would prefer to ignore.

No, Bob was upset that the constant barrage of attacks on Barack Obama are failing to resonate or effect in his campaign for President.

Specifically, Bob is really upset that statements and actions by persons who are not Barack Obama are failing to make Barack Obama look bad. For example, since Obama supporter Larry Lessig presented an off-color video at a 2006 seminar, Bob wants you to conclude that Obama is anti-Christian. This completely ignores the fact that Obama is a Christian. Bob also wants you to think that Obama hates America because he went to Rev. Wright's church and that Obama is a "terrorist" like William Ayers.

So what's Bob's solution to this crisis of people caring about the issues instead of being seduced by smear campaigns? Bob thinks we need to come up with a better nickname for Obama. Really! Take a listen:
Yet again something that will apparently not stick to Barack Obama. I'm telling ya, this guy is Teflon. I'm going to start calling him 'Teflon Barack'. We gotta come up with some kind of a name here. Teflon. I don't know how to take 'Teflon'... In other words, no matter what bad thing he does, says, or associates himself with; doesn't matter; won't stick; just slides right off; everybody keeps worshiping at the feet of Barack Obama. So, I don't know. There's got to be a way to take Teflon and Barack or Obama and merge them together in some way to get that point across. Cause I gotta wonder if anything, anything that this guy does, says, associates with, supports, approves, condones; if ANYTHING will actually stick to him and be considered a negative among the Obama worshipers.
Poor Bob. He sounds absolutely frustrated with the current state of affairs! Maybe he'll come up with a good nickname and he can turn this thing around!

On a slightly different subject, have you noticed how Bob has taken to characterize Obama supporters? He's now calling them "worshipers," as is evidenced by the quote above.


Because Bob wants you to equate Obama supporters with delusional, personality cult members.

Of course, there's no basis for such a comparison. Just because Obama has positions that are very popular and draws a large number of people to hear him, doesn't mean that Obama's supporters are delusional.

It means they want him to be President.

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