Sunday, April 13, 2008

Fun with Trilobites

On Friday, Bob ranted about the alleged lack of evidence of what Trilobites evolved from.

Trilobites are the extinct arthropods that are so common in the fossil record of our planet. They went extinct about 250 million years ago.

I'm supposing that Bob's argument is that God created the Trilobites when He created the Earth about 7000 years ago, they promptly went extinct (faulty design, maybe?) and that the various dating techniques used by scientists to establish when Trilobites existed are faulty.

Bob's arguments never make much sense to me, so I did a little bit of Internet searching. A few seconds on Google was all it took for me to find this ridiculously comprehensive website dedicated to the study of Trilobites. As you might have guessed, there are several pages devoted to discussing the origins of Trilobites and how they evolved, including this one. The answers aren't conclusive, but it sure makes more sense than what Bob's selling.

You can rest assured that Bob didn't do any independent research into Trilobites before making statements about them on our public airwaves. Nope. Bob merely parrots some YEC arguments to fill up his 4 hour time slot.

The fact is Bob cannot do any independent research into most of the things he discusses because that might pierce the veil of willful ignorance that he has established over time.


djtyg said...

Welcome back, Jeff. Some of us were getting worried:).

John B said...


Welcome back to Bob's World. Isn't it amazing what a hiatus in the real world can do to one's psyche. I bet it probable felt good having reason work again. But alas all good things must end as you dive back into the pool that is known as the Bob Dutko Show. Like you said, having had your logic muscles revamped you can only dip into the shallow end of the (cess)pool before bewilderment over what you are hearing takes over and you jump back onto dry land of sanity ,but as time goes by you'll develop the ability to try the deep end. I have had the same feelings when I stop listening to Bob for extended periods. I'd like to compare notes with you. How many showers did you have to take to wash the soap scum of Bob's twisted truth and intellectual laziness before your brain felt squeaky clean to function again. For me I think I lowered the level of Lake Superior trying to wash Bob out of my head.

John B said...

Did anybody else catch today's show ( Monday April 14 2008). Bob had a segment for callers to discuss what Christians should do as far as having their children answer test questions in public school. Specifically, how should they answer test questions that "contradict' the truth as Bob knows it. Say your child who has the misfortune of being in a public school ( Bob seemed heavily pro home schooling for Chritians) has geology test and the question is " How old is the earth?". Should you answer what they ( i.e nonbelieving Darwinist loonies-my description not Bob's) would have you believe,that as far as geologist can determine,the earth is millions of years old or what the Biblical truth says, six thousand years? Bob got a range of answers from tell the truth ( as in my example answer six thousand years) and bear the consequences of getting a bad grade on the test from those secularist teachers , to give both answers ( teacher told me it was 4.5 million years but the truth is that the earth is really 6000 years old) to tell them what they want to hear ( answer millions of years but we know the real truth is 6000). For those who said to tell the truth and answer with the Bibically correct answers,Bob commented that for those seeking a career in science they put their future on the line because the secularists would not accept the "truth" and not grant them advanced degrees ( as in my example granting a PhD to someone in geology who believes that the earth is only 6000 years old). He mentioned that Michael Behe of Lehigh University only came out with his intelligent design ideas only after getting tenure .What scared the hell out of me was one male caller who credited Bob for the caller's career choice:the caller said he wanted to become a creation scientist and teach creation science in high school. The caller claimed that Bob convinced him that evolution was wrong. Bob said that this caller faced a tough road because the secularists are hiding facts that would refute evolution ( such as dinosaur bones that are only thousands of years old). I couldn't take listening to Bob after this caller and turned the radio off. I am really afraid that people actually do believe what Bob bleats on his show.