Thursday, May 22, 2008

Survey Results that Bob can be Proud Of

It turns out that Coral Ridge Ministries performed a survey of its members. One of the questions was, "how dangerous are the following to the spiritual health of America?" The results won't be shocking to Bob Dutko listeners, as these are all the things that he rails against on a daily basis.

How dangerous are the following to the spiritual health of America?

Very Somewhat Not very
The ACLU and similar groups 96 3 1
Pro-homosexual indoctrination 95 4 1
Abortion 93 6 1
Islamic terrorism 91 8 1
Hollywood 89 10 1
News Media 87 12 1
Darwinism/evolution 85 14 1
Cults and false religion 82 16 2
Atheism 82 16 2
Apathetic/uninformed Christians79201
Colleges and Universities78211
Public education (K-12)69292
Congress6335 2

These are the result of preaching fear. Can someone explain to me how the ACLU or other civil liberties groups are "dangerous to the spiritual health of America?"

Has the ACLU ever attempted to suppress the rights of Churches to preach to its members?

Of course not.

And exactly what is "pro-homosexual indoctrination?" I've been around for 30 some years now and have never had a "pro-homosexual" attempt to "indoctrinate" me.



Jon said...

Well obviously the ACLU does things like get mandatory prayers out of schools and 10 commandments displays out of court houses. I mean think about it. If you don't have a reminder to keep the Sabbath written on the wall of your local government office obviously you're likely to spiral into immorality.

Look at the Dover trial. The ACLU has intelligent design out of the classroom. The result is that the kids think they are monkeys and run around having sex like animals.

Scooter said...


djtyg said...

Thanks, Jon. That was hilarious:).