Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Liberals are Bad

Last week, Bob came back from vacation and got down to business.

In the first fifteen minutes of his show, he got down to the business of bringing up irrelevant, issues for the purpose of attacking liberals based on the logo of a search engine. He's done this multiple times before.
But first, yesterday was Memorial Day ... Well, enter the search engine 'Google'. (deep sigh) Boy, it's the same thing, Google, y'know year after year. They 'dis' our veterans with their Memorial Day snub.
Stop right there. According to Merriam-Webster, the slang word 'dis' means "to treat with contempt or disrespect; insult". So, Bob is saying that by not changing their logo for Memorial Day, that Google is insulting and treating veterans with contempt. Does this logo from last Veteran's Day look like contempt?
I'm no expert in 'dissing,' but this looks more like honor and praise than insult and contempt. So, Bob is being dishonest.

Bob continued by saying that Google is a bunch of liberals and named a bunch of "lesser" events that Google did change their logo for. Bob ran down this list so you can fully appreciate the horror of the people who run that horrible, horrible search engine.

Bob concluded by saying this isn't about Google at all. It's really about the America-hating liberals in general:
The thing that I look at here, with Google. This isn't necessarily about ooooh, 'look how horrible Google is.' It's a window into liberalism and liberal mindset. I'm telling you, what is it about left wing people that causes them to see, y'know, the Chinese boat festival as 'hey, that's something to celebrate'? But Memorial Day is a time to, 'well, lets just turn off the lights and treat it as business as usual, there's nothing special about that day.' That is beyond me. Why is it that so many liberals tend to think that way. And then, if you dare to question their patriotism or dare to suggest that they're not as supportive of our military as they ought to be, they get all offended, they get indignant, they get all 'how dare you make such a suggestion.' Well, alright. It's what we see. It's what we see.
Let me see if I can get this straight: Google doesn't change their logo for Memorial Day, so therefore, liberals don't think there's anything special about Memorial Day. Furthermore, since Google doesn't change their logo for Memorial Day, it's OK to question the patriotism of liberals and their level of support for the military. That's the gist of Bob's logic, isn't it?

That's just stupid! I can't even start to contemplate all the logical errors that Bob made in reaching his conclusion! Bob is simply being illogical and repeating the same old propaganda: liberals, i.e., Democrats, hate America and are BAD. Voting for them is therefore also BAD. This Google "news" is yet another way to get across this overarching message. Bob simply repeats the "liberals are bad" message over and over in a variety of ways. Unfortunately, people believe him.

By the way, Blogger is owned by Google and Bob uses Blogger to host the notes from his shows. Since Bob is using a Google service to host the notes from his shows, he must not be patriotic and must hate the military. Right?


dasani75 said...

I friggin LOVE this blog!! I've been listening to Bob Dutko for years not because I like him but only because I'm fascinated at how ridiculous the guy sounds and how outrageous his logic's great to hear what the religious right thinks and Bob Dutko spews it without shame or common's unbelievable anyone would actually believe anything this guys says!! Anyway, great job with the blog! Keep it up! Finally someone out there is calling this guy out! I'll be checking this blog (and Bobbo) regularly!!

djtyg said...

If Bob had looked at two of the predominately openly liberal state blogs, he's have seen that at Michigan Liberal they spent the whole day paying respects to Michigan troops that died in the GWOT. Over at Blogging For Michigan, we played Taps at 3 p.m. at the request of Bush to take that time to remember the troops that died-and that is coming from an extremely anti-Bush blog.

Of course if anyone saw my post in which I told of the conversation that happened between Bob and me (an OEF/OIF vet), in which he was overly rude, cut me off, hung up on me, and called me a coward, you'll see that Bob Dutko clearly hates the troops whenever they have an opinion he doesn't like.

Anonymous said...

BTW, I'm pretty confident the HTML gurus at WMUZ didn't bother to change their homepage for Memorial Day. WMUZ and Crawford Broadcasting hate the military and hate America!

kdog said...

Jeff that is an excellent point about the wmuz home page. I am a christian, but right is right. Love the blog