Monday, June 16, 2008

Bob Lies About Barack Obama

I'm starting to think that Bob can't present any story without working a lie into the narrative. Even in situations where a lie isn't needed, Bob flops one down anyway.

Today Bob brought up Barack Obama's voting record in the Illinois Senate concerning a piece of legislation known as the "Born Alive Infant Protection Act." Here's what Bob said:
There were only two senators in the entire Illinois State Senate. Only two senators that were so brazen that they actually voted against that. They voted that that baby has to be left there to die! Writhing in pain to die! Only two senators were so cold hearted that they voted against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act. One of those two senators was, you guessed it, Barack Obama.
Wow, Obama is quite the monster! That legislation must have just soared through the Illinois General Assembly on the first pass. After all, only two senators voted against it!

Well, it turns out that Bob is lying. Actually, three different versions of this bill came up while Obama was an Illinois State Senator. (If there was overwhelming support for this bill, why did it have to come up three different times?) The first was Senate Bill 1095 in 2001. The vote was 34 Yes, 5 No, and 15 Present, with Obama voting "present." The next version was Senate Bill 1662 in 2002. The vote here was 30 Yes, 12 No, and 10 Present, with Obama voting "no." Finally, a third version came up as Senate Bill 1082 in 2003. This one never got out of committee.

So you see, there is no "brazen" pair of senators who voted to kill babies like Bob implied. In fact, this bill apparently got worse as it was revised! Of course, every version of this bill was simply another anti-choice measure to a non-existent problem.

For a guy who wants the Ten Commandments displayed outside city buildings, I honestly can't understand why Bob has so much trouble obeying God's Commandment against lying.

--Updated on 6/18/2008 to fix the link and expand Bob's quote

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