Saturday, June 14, 2008

Another Unhinged Fact-free Dutko Moment

As long-time listeners of Bob realize, he often goes on rambling, nonsensical tirades, especially when discussing the things he doesn't like: Democrats, atheists, gays, etc. Here's a little sample from one of Friday's outbursts:
But I can tell you, as a proud American, if I have a terrorist on one side and a U.S. General on the other side, and I don't know which one's telling the truth, my default is to give the benefit of the doubt to the United States military and the general. That is my default position. But it seems like the default position of many on the left in this country is to give the benefit of doubt to the terrorists. And so since we see that, already, commonly, from the left in this country and the flag burners and everyone else, is it really that much of a stretch that the most liberal senator in the United States Senate, that's right, officially the most liberal senator according to the actual voting records of the senators, the number one most liberal senator, Barack Obama, when he runs for President, if he represents the most liberal left-wing fringe of the Democratic Party, is it really that much of a stretch to be suspicious and question whether he may have anti-Americanism running through his veins?
Let's try to unpack this mess.

First, Bob asserts that people on "the left" favor terrorists over the U.S. military and its leaders? But, of course, this characterization of "the left" is yet another straw man/bogey man created by Bob to demonize Democrats. Can Bob name one elected Democrat who favors terrorists over the U.S. military? Of course not.

Next, Barack Obama is not the "most liberal senator," no matter how many times Bob repeats it. The actual voting record proves.

Then, Bob gets ridiculous by saying that it's not a stretch to question Sen. Obama's patriotism because he's a liberal. That's the crux of his "argument."

How can any sane person assert that someone is "anti-American" because his views fall on the left of the political spectrum? Over 3.5 million people in Illinois voted for Sen. Obama in 2004. Are these voters also "anti-American" for voting for this man from the "liberal left-wing fringe of the Democratic Party"? And would somebody please tell me why someone who is "anti-American" would run for President of the United States?! People who don't like America don't run for President; they run airplanes into buildings.

So yes, Bob, to answer your long, rambling question, it definitely is a stretch to question whether someone has "anti-Americanism" running through their veins merely because they're a Democrat. In fact, it's downright asinine and ridiculously insulting.

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djtyg said...

If you click on the patriotism tag on right column of the front page, you'll see that I wrote about Bob's bashing of the US Military.

And we've all documented Bob's support for Cheryl Sullenger and Operation Rescue, a terrorist and a group that is sympathetic to terrorists.