Monday, October 20, 2008

Bob Wants The Left To Stop Playing The Race Card

On Friday, Bob complained that he’s sick and tired of liberals playing the race card when discussing politics. He was talking about immigration, but accused the Obama campaign of playing racial politics in the past.

I know that incidents of “subtle” racism such as Obama waffles and food stamps with Obama’s face on them (featuring fried chicken and watermelon) would go right past Bob’s head. So here’s a few incidents where the racism is about as subtle as a boot to the face:

1. Mike Lunsford, of Fairfield, OH, hung an Obama ghost in a tree. When asked about it, he openly admitted that he didn’t want to vote for a black person.

2. Obama billboard has Obama in a turban.

3. Lady tells McCain she’s worried about Obama because “he’s an Arab.” (Sometimes people on the right are so ignorant that they can’t even get the race right.)

4. White supremists are saying that if Obama is elected, there will be a race war.

5. A man sold “Obama in 08!” T-shirts that displayed Curious George eating a banana.

I could keep going, you can learn about this yourself. Googling “Obama Racism” will turn up much more.

Here's what Bob won't comprehend: If you want liberals to stop bringing up racism, stop being racist. It’s pretty simple.

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djtyg said...

This was just reported-A bear cub was found dead at Western Carolina University with Obama signs stapled to his head. Dutko might let that one slide, though, saying that people were protesting Obama for some gun law.

And once again I will offer to sell the Ambassador Bridge to Bob, dirt cheap.