Monday, November 3, 2008

The Callers are Starting to Wise Up

Today, Bob's plan was to dedicate 40 minutes to the Christian members of his audience to call in and tell why they're supporting Barack Obama, then another 40 minutes for supporters of John McCain to call in and make their case.

But a surprising thing happened when Bob came back to start the segment. There were no Obama supporters on the line.

Bob was perplexed about the lack of Obama supporters.

Hey Bob, let me tell you why your phone lines weren't all lit up: It's because your listeners have figured out your game. They know what's in store for them if they call in: You ridicule their reasoning and accuse them of not being Christian because the support a pro-choice candidate.

Why would anyone want to call in and have some flunkie with a a high school education tell them how their beliefs are not "Christian" enough?


K Sexton said...

I thought it was very fair of Bob to invite Obama supporters who claimed to be christians to call in to tell everyone why they were voting for Obama. There were zero calls. I found that very fascinating and I knew there would be no callers before he even said it.
The callers aren't starting to wise up, I rather picture them afraid to be shot down by Bob's excellent debating skills and logical thinking.
You do know if you are not born again you are blind to the things of God right? They are spiritually discerned. It is not surprising the venom you show towards Bob nor is it of any importance really.
I love Bob's show, I can't wait to vote for McCain, but ultimately almighty God is in control.
Always was and always will be.

John B said...

Dear K Sexton:

Thanks for the joke: " ..excellent debating skills and logical thinking" I'm still laughing.
How much skill do you need to criticize your opponent's argument after the interview is over and is unable to respond and then have your sycophants call in and regurgitate Bob's views.

djtyg said...


Bob is NOT Jesus. We can ridicule him all we want, regardless of our faith.

To say that insulting Bob is the same as insulting Jesus shows where your real faith is.

djtyg said...

For the record, I think the Obama supporters are too busy with the GOTV efforts to waste time calling Bob:).

John B said...

K Sexton

I hope you exercised your right to vote yesterday since you seemed to be chomping at the bit to vote for McCain.

As I write this post mid-day 11/5, Obama 338 electoral votes to 162 for McCain. Democrats pick up 19 seats in the House and 5 seats in the Senate ( including Elizabeth " Kay Hagen supports Godlessness" Dole".

As you said almighty God is always in control. Does this mean we change the color of Heaven from red to blue?