Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bob Shows His Racism Again

Today, Bob declared that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson will have to get new jobs. From this point forward, they will have nothing to complain about because of Obama's win was elected to the Office of the President.

Yep, Bob thinks Obama's election cured America of its race problems.

Bob, realizing what he said, tried to cover his admission by claiming that he's glad Obama broke the race barrier.

Bob, you ignorant jackass: Racism isn't dead in America. We're going to see many, many examples of it, now that Obama's elected.

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John B said...

Did anybody else catch Bob's comment during Wednesday's news hour that if the election could have been held in Sodom and Gomorrah Obama would have won? And why didn't Bob have a represenative from the Michigan Democratic Party on to explain why Obama won to give the other side a chance as opposed to the person from the Michigan Republican Party Bob DID have on to explain why they lost. Bob made the comment that he is " a Christian first, a conservative second,and a Republican third". Funny, after listening to Bob over these many months the order was surprising!