Saturday, November 8, 2008

Dumb or Lying?

Here's a little Dutko inconsistency that Irl and I were discussing last night.
  • Before the election, Bob repeatedly said that he wouldn't vote for the Constitution Party candidate because, even though this candidate more accurately represents his Christian beliefs, there was little to know chance that this candidate could win.
  • Instead, Bob has stated that he, and good "Christians" like him, should vote for the Republican candidate, John McCain, even though McCain is wrong on such "Christian" issues like embryonic stem cell research.
  • After the election, Bob stated that he absolutely knew that McCain had no chance of winning Michigan. But, Bob went to vote for McCain to show God that he's voting with His interests.
So this begs the question, if Bob knew that McCain couldn't carry Michigan, then why didn't he vote for the Constitution Party candidate? There are three options as I see it:
  1. Bob is lying when he said he knew that McCain had no chance of winning;
  2. Bob is lying about his rationale for not voting for the Constitutional Party candidate (e.g., Bob is just an advocate for the Republican Party no matter what); or
  3. Bob is too dumb to realize the logical inconsistency in his reasoning.
Remember: Bob is a self-proclaimed master of "logic."


djtyg said...

Bob is inconsistent? Somebody call Ripley's!

Megaaverage said...

I considered making up a drinking game where every time Bob used the word "logic" on his would take a drink...and then every time he immediately followed THAT with a logical fallacy, you had to finish the bottle. I ran up against two problems. 1. I can't listen to his show for more than about 10 minutes (even though with Bob at the "logical"'s usually sufficient time to get a good buzz...if not attain outright drunkenness) and 2. If I COULD, somehow, listen past that 10 minute fridge doesn't hold THAT much beer.

Logic, logic, LOGIC!!!...barf...