Sunday, November 9, 2008

Bob's Callers Help Reinforce the Ignorance

On Election Day, a caller to Bob's show stated that Hillary Clinton "wasn't vigorously campaigning" for Barack Obama. Bob agreed, and opined that Hillary was readying herself for a campaign against Sarah Palin in 2012.

Either Bob lives in a right-wing fantasy land of his own creation or he's lying.

Here's a USA Today story, from October 5, about Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail for Barack Obama. The money quote:

Clinton has hit 40 campaign events for Obama in battleground states from New Hampshire to Nevada in the past two months.
I guess 40 campaign events in two months isn't "vigorous" enough for the caller and Bob. If anybody thinks they're getting accurate news and information from The Bob Dutko Show, I recommend they reconsider.

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djtyg said...

So what did that have to do with defending the Christian faith?

Oh, that's right. Nothing!

Bob Dutko-Fearlessly pimping the GOP.