Saturday, January 10, 2009

Grady and Bob Capitalize on Public Ignorance

Tuesday, Grady told us the nature of sediments do not indicate an old earth as shown by research done at Colorado State University’s Sediments Lab

Looking for more detail, I got the following from Grady’s website:
Research conducted in sedimentation laboratories at Colorado State University and in France proves conclusively that in nature sedimentary layers do not form slowly one on top of the other as evolutionists claim; but, rather that sedimentary layers form by growing sideways as the result of sorting by size and velocity as they are extended by water deposition flowing in a specific direction. This is well documented revolutionary research refuting evolutionary thinking.
Note that Grady did not describe or post a reference to a paper or an author of said “research.”

To those masses unfamiliar with the ways of science and research, this raises no “red flag.” (No surprise, since only about 50% of the adults know the earth circles the sun every twelve months and 72% of the same cannot properly describe a molecule.) This means that the general public and Dutko’s audience are hopelessly uninformed about the fundamental ways of science, and Grady & Co. get away yet again with blatant and deliberate and selective disclosure.

If Grady, really, truly, had “proof conclusive,” would he not shout the names and specifics of all relevant and supportive findings? Anyone else would.

But Grady and Bob make nonsense assertions about the “fossilized” cowboy boot, complete with remains of the owner’s foot. If this was on the level, someone would have presented at the annual meeting of the full membership of the American Geophysical Union for its amazement and wide-eyed endorsement.

Why has this not happened?

Because it’s not on the level, that’s why.

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