Saturday, January 10, 2009

Refutations of Bob

On Friday, Bob criticized a listener who sent him an email for failing to refute any of his so-called "evidence." He then went on to accuse evolutionists of failing to refute him. (Actually, it's just simpler to point and laugh.)

Well, in the past two years, this blog has specifically refuted Bob's statements many, many times. These refutations are not limited to evolution, but science, history, politics, and other topics. I've assembled a partial list of these refutations below.

Therefore, I refute Bob's accusation that evolutionists never refute him.



Mystere (Edward Endo) is off his medication.


Lumberjack said...

Fantastic post, Jeff!!!!

BTW: Dr. Lawrence Krauss, one of today's most prominent physicists and prolific writers said in an interview archived among my many like podcasts, that many people today are "proud of their ignorance of science."


That is Bob and many of his guests.

Bob's behind, don't forget, has never warmed the seat in a college classroom and I believe he harbors a distinct hostility to those who have and to people who show a couriosity and need for detailed and factual information from reliable sources.

I emailed him shortly after his arrival at WMUZ suggesting that he research and understand -- which he did not then and does not now -- the difference between INductive and DEductive logic. His swift response was one rich in sneering hostility. He ripped me royally for "picking at such a nit."

Proud of his ignorance? That's our Bob, Dr. Krauss.

djtyg said...

Dang, Jeff! How long did writing this post take you?:)

Jon said...

I recently learned about the Bob's source for his claim regarding the Neanderthal DNA.

dano said...

i am glad you took the time to get this list together, thank you. it
is so important to learn the truth
and not get hoodwinked by spin.

on bobbo's christian apologist / fundamentalist show, the truth is spun up for his listeners / fans, and not spelled out in simple terms.

i appreciate your hard work and your dedication to the truth.

chesterfield twp, mi