Friday, April 24, 2009

Bob's Latest Justification of Torture is Utterly False

Yesterday, and again today, Bob talked about the "Christian perspective" in justifying the torture of terror suspects utilizing waterboarding techniques. In his rants, Bob said that the waterboarding of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM) yielded information that led to the disruption of a 9/11-style attack on a building in Los Angeles.

But, as usual, Bob is completely wrong. KSM was captured in March 2003. The LA attack was foiled in 2002, BEFORE the U.S. captured KSM. Bob's justification of torture was that it saved lives. But clearly, it did not.

But don't take my word for it. Just ask George W. Bush!

The fact of the matter is that the torture of KSM likely revealed no useful information and did not "disrupt" any planned attacks. All it did was show the world how backwards and barbaric Americans can be. Again, don't take my word for it. Bush's FBI Director, Robert Mueller says the same thing...


Kramer said...

Tuesday (I think) I heard Bob state that lying is okay if it serves a greater good. So Bob has now admitted he is a liar, and will gladly lie for Jesus. We all knew this, but now Bob is admitting it.

Jon said...

I called Bob out on this myself yesterday. You can listen to it here.

Kramer said...


That was a great call. You had Bob on the ropes the entire call.
Bob tend's to become very agitated when he is being bested, and begins to lose his composure, and starts viciously attacking the caller.

djtyg said...

That Bob would even say that torture is okay is sickening. It's even worse that he's saying it's Christian.

djtyg said...

Jon, good call. Bob had to trot out the old "if you're not with us you're with the terrorists" argument. Nevermind that Jesus taught exactly the opposite of what Bob was condoning (sinning to save life).

Bob also told another lie while he was talking to you. He said he read the CIA memos that talked about the Library Tower.

The only problem is, the CIA never released such a memo. The memo he's talking about came from the Department of Justice. The same DoJ that on Bush's watch was heavily politicized.

If Bob had really read the memo, he would've known that.

Jon said...

Thanks guys. Interesting point on the CIA memos. He's still talking about them today.

Bob just said that waterboarding doesn't get water into the mouth or nose. Staggering that he can be this ignorant. You can watch it on youtube right now. Mike Guy talks about what happens when the water gets in your nose.

audioguy64 said...

Take a look at the newest poll from Pew Research at

It shows that people who attend church the most are also the people who are most likely to support the use of torture.

djtyg said...

I saw the same poll, audioguy. It's sad, considering there is absolutely ZERO Biblical justification for using torture as a tool for interrogation.

The Bible has shown the use of torture to be used as corporal punishment (such as flogging), capital punishment (in which death sentences were meant to be incredibly painful), or punishment in the afterlife (Hell). But there is absolutely no Biblical justification for torturing terror suspects for information.

The so-called Christians that say that torture is justified are not going by the Word of God. They're going by idiots like Bob Dutko that have sold the gospel in exchange for the worship of a red, white, and blue elephant.

djtyg said...

Let me reiterate:

When torture was used in the Bible, it was used as a tool on those who were already DECLARED GUILTY. In other words, it was a punishment. Not once did the Bible ever provide justification for torture as a tool to provide a confession or to gather intelligence on enemies. Not once.

So any so-called Christian that wants to claim that torture of terror suspects is justified has clearly not read their Bible.

Lumberjack said...

Leonard Pitts, Jr. writes a another splendid piece in today's Freep.

This one hits perceptively on Bob's attitude, and that of many born-again's, regarding torture.

Look for Foam-At-The-Mouth Bob to rip clumsily and savagely, as he regularly does, into Mr. Pitts well-reasoned work.

Pitts is the only syndicated writer published in the hard-copy Freep. Good choice, guys.

djtyg said...

Thanks, Lumberjack, for the info. I did a google search and found the link to the piece:

blog reviews said...

I bet if anyone of you had a souse or a child being held by someone and you had a person who knew where they were you would use all means to get them to tell.

About lieing it's the point of why you have to lie .If telling the truth means giving information that kills people then lieing is justified .

Evil rule the day because good people do nothing.

I find it so sad that you people care more for the terrorist then the people they kill.

djtyg said...

Blog reviews, I find it sad that you care more about protecting the Bush administration than you do about protecting America.

All evidence has shown that smart interrogation works and torture doesn't. Yet because the Bush administration has condoned torture you have signed off on it, not caring that torture only leaves our troops more vulnerable to attack and doesn't produce reliable intelligence, while smart interrogation has been proven to produce actionable intelligence and make our enemies more likely to surrender.

Plus, speaking as an OIF/OEF vet, you can go fuck yourself for saying I don't want America to stay safe. Go enlist if you don't like the facts and show the trained interrogators that you know more than them.