Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Hypocrisy of the Obama-Notre Dame Protests

Today, Bob talked about the kerfuffle regarding Obama giving a speech to the 2009 graduates at the University of Notre Dame*. As most people know, Notre Dame is a Catholic university, and therefore at least nominally under control of the Catholic Church.

This "controversy" stems from Barack Obama's political position on abortion. Obama is pro-choice, which means that he doesn't want to use the power of the government to regulate whether or not a woman has an abortion. Well, the Catholic Church teaches that abortion is against God's law and should be outlawed by the state. As the two positions are seemingly in opposition, some Catholic Bishops (less than 30%), as well as serial kooks Alan Keyes and Randall Terry, are now protesting Obama's speaking engagement.

But there is more to Catholic theology than just abortion. For example, the Catholic Church also teaches that capital punishment is against God's law and should be outlawed by the state. Now, some of you may remember the previous President's position on capital punishment: he was all for it! As Governor of Texas, George W. Bush approved over 150 executions and as President, he pushed for an expansion in the use of the death penalty in capital cases.

So, where exactly was the outrage when Bush addressed the 2001 Notre Dame graduating class? Well, there was none. This makes no sense, as the Catholic Church does not differentiate between abortion and capital punishment as sins. Their position is that they are both against God's law and both should be outlawed by the state. Therefore, it's blatantly hypocritical to protest one President (Obama) while giving the other a pass (Bush), when they both have positions that are antithetical to teachings of the Church.

Of course, I didn't hear Bob address this hypocrisy, which is par for the course. Just another day at the Bob Dutko Show!

*What continues to amaze me about Bob is his ability to get even the simplest facts incorrect. For instance, several times today he referred to Notre Dame as the largest Catholic university in the United States. Of course, Bob is wrong; DePaul is the largest with over 24,000 students. Georgetown, with 14k students, also beats NDs 11.6k students. If Bob can't get the simple stuff right, what makes anyone think his other "facts" are correct?

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