Thursday, April 12, 2007

More On Don Imus And Bob

Bob’s A Racist. Pure And Simple.

Bob was talking about the Don Imus controversy and used the racist remarks made by Don Imus as an excuse to attack black people.

First, Bob attacked black pastors again, saying that they don’t care as much about the lyrics in rap music. I go to a black church, so I could easily call b.s. on this. It’s common place for my pastor to talk about the lack of respect for women in the music. Besides that, the reason why this is an issue is because it’s an issue of racism. When it’s done in rap music, it’s degrading to women, but not racist. What Don Imus said was racist.

When a caller pointed out that black pastors frequently preach against the degradation of women, Bob said their efforts were insufficient because those pastors refuse to denounce Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

So Bob used Don Imus' racism as an excuse to attack Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, calling them ‘race baiters.’ To be clear: Don Imus says something racist, and Bob says “How dare these civil rights activists get angry about racist statements!”

If Bob was pressed about it, he’d go back to the issue of rap music, saying rappers shouldn’t be talking like that either. But then when a black woman called and used the N-word, Bob didn't bleep the word. Isn't this hypocrisy?

In defense of the caller, she used the n-word as an example of what shouldn’t be said. But if Bob was being honest about his hatred of the word, he would’ve bleeped it out and asked her to stop using it.

Going further, Bob praised Fox News for televising African-Americans condemning Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Of course, Fox News has a reputation for being extremely racist. Fox News routinely uses black conservatives to say racist things about black people, knowing that their white anchors couldn’t get away with the same criticisms.

Bob's bigotry isn't soft. Today it was out, front and center.

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