Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Bob: Senate should only be opened by Christian prayers

Today, Bob took intolerance of other faiths to a whole new level. He was all in a tizzy over the fact that a Hindu prayer will be offered during the opening of the U.S. Senate on July 12. That's it, folks, that's what got Bob upset.

But why is Bob so upset about this? He freely admits that it's not unconstitutional to have a Hindu offer the opening prayer. So why would he possibly be upset that out of the tens of thousands of Senate sessions that have opened, one will finally include a Hindu prayer?

Here's his reasoning: "tradition" and "culture." Bob believes that because the majority of the founding fathers were Christians, and they've been doing a lot of Christian prayers in the Senate for the last 200-odd years, they should just keep doing those forever and ever.

I'm sorry, Bob, but you must understand that "tradition" and "culture" aren't good reasons to do, or not do, anything. For example, prior to the Civil War, it was the "tradition" and "culture" of the southern states to keep slaves. Should this tradition have been upheld so that the southerners could maintain their culture? Prior to 1965, only white men had offered the opening prayer in the Senate. Should we continue to exclude non-whites and women from offering the prayer due to culture and tradition? Up until adoption of the 19th Amendment in 1920, women in the U.S. could not vote. Should we have upheld this tradition of prohibiting half the population from having a voice in our democracy? After all, it was part of our tradition and culture!

There is no rational reason for Bob's opposition to a Hindu giving the prayer. When Bob makes statements like this, I can only assume that he doesn't have confidence in his beliefs. He must be threatened that a Hindu giving an opening prayer in the U.S. Senate will somehow cause people to turn away from Christianity. But why should he be threatened? If, as he claims, his brand of Christianity is the Only True Religion, backed up by at least ten "proofs", then what is he worried about? If Bob's truly got all the facts and logic on his side, then it won't be long before all the Hindus and Buddhists and Muslims and Catholics and Atheists will see reason and accept his version of Christ as savior.

So relax, Bob! Maybe take another day off. You've obviously got nothing to worry about.


God Rules said...

It sounds like your using this as an excuse to play the race card. What does a hindu prayer have to do with black and white?

Anonymous said...

The assertion that I am attempting to "play the race card" is insulting and idiotic. I was merely attempting to show that "tradition" and "culture" are not legitimate reasons to do something or not do something. I gave three examples that dealt with prior discrimination based on race and sex. (Why didn't you accuse me of "playing the sex card"?)

I genuinely believe that Bob Dutko would agree with me that these prior instances of discrimination (enslaving blacks, preventing women the right to vote, etc.) were wrong. But applying Bob's "culture" and "tradition" argument, all of these instances of discrimination should be maintained to this day! If our rules for society are based solely on allowing only what has been allowed before, then prior wrongs (e.g., slavery, only allowing men to vote, and only allowing Christians to give the Senate's opening prayer) will continue in perpetuity.

What does religion have to do with race and sex? Plenty. All three are used to discriminate in unjust, illogical, and unnecessary ways. Can you not see that discrimination by the government against someone who has a different belief system is harmful? The Framers of the Constitution did. They specifically forbid a religious test of any kind for government service.

Bob talks plenty about discrimination against Christians both in the U.S. and around the world. Occasionally, he even makes some valid points. But not here. In this case Bob is doing the discrimination, arguing that Hindus must take a backseat to Christians when it comes to giving a prayer before the Senate. His sole reasoning: "culture" and "tradition". Hogwash.

The real solution to this dilemma is simple really, except Bob would never accept it. Simply remove the practice of prayers from the official Senate business. I'm fully confident that the Senators are capable of praying for guidance in whatever manner they deem fit without it being on the official agenda.

djtyg said...

Hey we got new trolls! Outstanding!:)

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, "god rules" is just another one-hit-wonder. Drops a snarky comment and never comes back.

Just once, I'd like to see one make a reasonable, fact-based argument in support of Bob.