Tuesday, July 3, 2007

An Open Letter to Bob Dutko

Well, Bob, you've hit a new low. You spent the first 40 minutes of your "News Hour" justifying the Current Occupant's decision to commute the sentence of Scooter Libby.

Bob, are you so fatuous as to think that the Current Occupant's decision is somehow just?

Silly me, asking rhetorical questions. Of course you are.

Your two lines of defense are so very intellectually dishonest (if I may borrow your favorite phrase?) that you come off as a partisan hack. Not that this is surprising.

First you claim that there was no underlying crime. You whine that it was Richard Armitage that leaked Valerie Plame's identity as a CIA agent, and since Armitage wasn't charge with a crime, Libby shouldn't be.

But Bob, don't you understand that Libby wasn't charged with outing Valerie Plame? He was charged with one count of obstruction of justice, two counts of perjury and two counts of making false statements.

He was charged with lying, Bob. Just like Bill Clinton was. Have you changed your mind about the Clinton impeachment? Or is the only time lying is acceptable is when conservatives do it?

What about your second justification? You know the one, where you compare the Current Occupant's actions against Bill Clinton's? You listed all the people that Clinton pardoned and said that Bush was justified because "Clinton did it!"

Exactly what does Bill Clinton have to do with it anyway? Does God let sinners into heaven because they are less of a sinner than, say, Larry Flynt?

Of course not. We are judged on our own actions, not the actions of others. So the act of the Current Occupant is his and his alone.

And what about the CO's actions? Does he believe that the system was broken when it comes to Scooter? Salon dot com reports that Bush has denied more than 4,000 commutation requests. Does this mean the Scooter Libby trial is the single instance where the the system failed us? Even though the judge that heard the case and the special prosecutor are both Bush appointees?

Bob, are you implying that the people whom Bush appointed are so incompetent that they created a massive travesty of justice? And if his appointees are incompetent, what does is say about Bush?

Well, Bobbo, you can see that I have many questions. Maybe you can drop me a line and enlighten me. While you're at it maybe you can explain to me how lying makes a person a good conservative.

After all, Bob, you should know. You lie about so many things on a daily basis. You just wrap your lies in the the Blood of Christ to make them sound good.

Breathlessly awaiting your reply,



Anonymous said...

Breathe Irl! I wouldn't expect Bob's reply to come anytime before the Rapture.

Bob laid into Bill Clinton pretty heavily for pardoning Marc Rich, because, of course, all things are justified if Clinton did it first! For those not familiar with Mr. Rich, he was charged with tax evasion and trading with Iran. Rich fled the country and currently lives in Switzerland. Clinton pardoned him conditioned upon payment of a $100 million fine, which, to my knowledge, has not been paid, since Rich has not returned. So really, that pardon has not taken effect!

Interestingly, Rich's lawyer was none other than ... Scooter Libby! In testimony to Congress, Libby was adamant that Rich was not guilty of income tax evasion.

Of course, these are mere trifling facts that would get in the way of Bob's rants against anything that isn't hard-core obedience to Bush and the GOP.

Someone remind me again why this clown gets to pollute the public airwaves everyday?

djtyg said...

I've been saying this all day, but this is just proof of the right's hatred of true patriotism.

They're given the choice between supporting a corrupt administration or a CIA agent who was working to make America safe. Not only did they choose the former, but they smeared the latter.

The right, including Bob Dutko, has put party before country in the most unpatriotic manner you can imagine.

Anonymous said...

The Carpetbagger Report (one of my favorite blogs) has a good story about the Libby matter. The best part is a link to a NY Times story showing how, despite arguments by Bob et al., Libby's sentence was right in line with the norm for similar situations.

I highly suggest Bob stops this mindless defense of all things Bush and come to reality. Bush's commutation of Libby was simply wrong.

Anonymous said...

One last comment about Bob's lies about this matter. Bob said today that Libby didn't disclose Valerie Plame's identity, Richard Armitage did. Wrong again, Bob! They both revealed her identity. Libby revealed it to both Judith Miller and Matt Cooper while Armitage revealed it to Bob Novak (who first put it in print).

Bob simply can't spin this story without lying.

djtyg said...

So, has he written you back yet, or is he just hiding behind the microphone?

Irl Hudnutt said...

No, nothing from Bob. He never calls, he never writes. I'm starting to think he doesn't like me.