Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Planned Parenthood

Anybody who has listened to Dutko for an even short period of time realizes that he despises Planned Parenthood. Bob never misses an opportunity to bash the organization with liberal doses of lies and misinformation. To hear Bob describe Planned Parenthood, one would get the impression that this organization exists solely to force teenage girls to have multiple abortions. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth.

In actuality, of the 29 Planned Parenthood facilities in Michigan, only two provide abortion services (one in Ann Arbor and one in Kalamazoo). Obviously, these facilities must be doing something other than abortion. This "something else" includes gynecological exams, cancer screening, HIV/AIDS testing, vaginal infection testing and treatment, prenatal care, sexual transmitted infection/disease testing and treatment, adoption counseling, vaccinations, colonoscopies, birth control, and emergency contraception. They even offer vasectomies for the men! In fact, of the over 10 million services provided by Planned Parenthood in 2005, only 3% were abortion related.

But Bob let none of these facts get in the way of his gloating about the possible closing of five Planned Parenthood facilities in Michigan due to state funding cuts. Today, he read gleefully from an article in the extreme right-wing "Cybercast News Service." Just take a few seconds and listen to Dutko take pleasure in the fact that women, including poor women who don't have health insurance, will now be denied these important medical treatments.

Bob is so fucking stupid that he actually seems to believe that by the closure of these clinics that "babies" won't be "murdered." HEY MORON! THEY DON'T EVEN PERFORM ABORTIONS AT THE CLINICS THEY'RE CLOSING! Not one single fetus will be harmed by these closures. Only women will be harmed.

At one point in his rant, Bob says that abortion is a "huge moneymaker for Planned Parenthood," that they "pocket several hundred bucks" for each abortion, and that it's "killing babies for profit." This is, of course, pure bullshit. Bob is apparently confusing for-profit businesses, like Crawford Broadcasting, from non-profit organizations, like Planned Parenthood. Since Planned Parenthood is non-profit it logically can't be "killing babies for profit"or pocketing any money whatsoever. There's no shareholders or owners to pay! Please Bob, for the love of God, stop lying!

I have to assume that Bob knows these facts. Unfortunately, then I have to assume that preventing abortion isn't Bob's only goal. His goal must then include the control and subjugation of women. Why else would Bob show glee in denying women safe gynecological exams, HIV testing, and birth control?

Bob Dutko: Contemptible Ghoul.

By the way, if you'd really like to piss Bob off, I suggest making a contribution to Planned Parenthood.


Irl Hudnutt said...


You pointed out exactly why Bob Dutko is a contemptible, lying fraud. He has NEVER let facts get in the way of his agenda, and has NEVER been honest about the people he demonizes.

Dutko is not only a contemptible ghoul, he is devoid of the compassion and wisdom displayed by Christ. If he weren't, he's support planned parenthood's endeavor to prevent disease prevention and prenatal underdevelopment.

Dutko isn't a Christian, he's just a poor excuse for a human being. The fact that he's allowed wattage to spew his ignorance is a sad commentary on the state of discourse in this country.

dan said...

Hi All,

This brings up an interesting question. Why is he allowed wattage ? Yes, its a free country and I do appreciate the first amendment, constitution, and
our bill of rights. But I do not understand why he
is not checked in right order by his bosses at cb,
or the advertisers. Some of whom are attorneys,
and some of whom know the bad logic he uses.

Perhaps like most talking heads, its not about facts, but about ratings and influence.


Anonymous said...


Bob's bosses and the advertisers don't care about logic, facts, etc. They care about profits (which is perfectly fine BTW).

But even with that said, Bob's advertisers are quite the collection of dogs and cats. Basically, it's a bunch of low-rent service providers looking to cash in on the "Christian" market. The highest profile advertiser they have, IMHO, is Carrier Corporation. (And that Carrier ad with the whistling in the background drives me up a wall!)

But my favorite ad on the show is the Brighton Hospital rehab for the clergy. Who knew there was such a demand?

djtyg said...

Jeff, I have to disagree with you. Using lies to advance a political agenda is a really bad way to earn a living.

I will agree with the Carrier ad, though. Last time I was listening to Bob, the ad got stuck on the streaming audio. Torture, man. Straight torture.