Friday, June 13, 2008

Gays and Lesbians Can't Be Cops?

Today, in his never ending quest to show how much he "loves the sinner, but hates the sin," Bob dispensed some of his patented truth, facts, logic, and "intellectual" reasoning to show why gay men can't be police officers.

Bob's premise is that straight male police officers are not permitted to frisk or pat down a female suspect. According to Bob, this is done because the male police officer might "get his jollies"* from the frisking process. Therefore, Bob reasons that gay men might also take some liberties when patting down a male suspect.

But let's go back to Bob's original premise. In Bob's own words:
Should a male cop be allowed to frisk and pat down a female suspect? Should they? Right now they're not allowed to. Thats where a female police officer has to come in and do that. Right?
Wrong. What Bob apparently doesn't understand is that male police offers pat down female suspects and vice-versa all the time. In fact, here's an article describing the procedure.

So Bob's argument falls completely apart because it rests on a false premise. That's nothing new. Bob has a long history of not understanding (or lying about) science, history, and a whole host of other topics.

And I have some shocking news for Bob: There are gay men serving right now as police officers. Really! They pat down male suspects every day without incident and without "getting their jollies" from the procedure. What Bob apparently doesn't understand is that the vast majority of male cops, straight or gay, are not sexual predators who see every frisk as an opportunity to, pardon the pun, "cop a feel". The frisking procedure is done not to humiliate the suspect, but to protect the police officer and the public at large.

Bob should really be ashamed of even presenting this whole argument. But he won't be.

*Bob's words


djtyg said...

Bob won't be satisfied until all gay people are hauled off to concentration camps.

Although I do wonder with Bob's extreme homophobia if he's overcompensating for something:).

John B said...

If Bob is ever pulled over by law enforcement , the arresting officer should take extra care in patting Bob down between the ears since that space in his cranium houses the deadliest weapon known to man: warped logic . However I think the officer has nothing to fear since he/she would in all probabilty find the perfect vacuum.

kdog said...

How do you know gay men pat suspects down daily without getting their jollies? How can you possibly know that?