Thursday, November 13, 2008

In Terrorists Bob Trusts

On Wednesday, Bob pimped a story about a political adviser for Hamas (the Palestinian terrorist group that is also the de facto government in Gaza) that claimed that Hamas had been "in contact" with "aides" to Obama.

Obama's senior foreign policy advisor, Denis McDonough, stated that the "assertion is just plain false."

Bob didn't have any details about these allegations.

We don't know who these Obama "aides" allegedly were, where they allegedly met, what they talked allegedly about, when they allegedly met, or why the alleged talks took place.

But the lack of any relevant information is of no matter to Bob Dutko. To Bob, this is a solid news story and that we should "do with this information what we will." He even stated that he "was having a hard time coming up with a motive for...Hamas to make this up."*

Just a few months ago, Bob went on a tirade saying that "the default position of many on the left in this country is to give the benefit of doubt to the terrorists." Isn't that precisely what Bob is doing now? Instead of giving the benefit of the doubt to the President-Elect future Commander-in-chief, Bob is siding with the terrorists! Why does Bob trust terrorists more than Obama? Is it because he holds terrorists in higher regard than Democrats?

So once again, Bob Dutko proves he is a true master of hypocrisy. Nice work!

*It seems to me that antagonizing Israel is an excellent "motive" for Hamas to lie about meeting with Obama's "people."

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The Mule said...

Please remember that Hamas is the democratically elected government of the Palestinian people. These were elections, by the way, that George W. Bush insisted on.