Saturday, November 15, 2008

Poor Bob: Everyone is Being Mean to Him!

On Friday, Bob whined that Obama supporters were being mean to him because of his non-stop attacks on the President-Elect over the past year. Bob couldn't seem to understand why there was so much vitriol directed towards him. After all, he was just expressing his opinion and producing some "facts," right?

Bob, let me help you understand: People aren't upset that you were attacking Obama. People were upset that you were ruthlessly and unfairly attacking Obama. Here's a short summary:
  • Bob asserted that Obama wasn't qualified to be President even though he was.
  • Bob questioned the patriotism of Obama and questioned whether he may have "anti-Americanism" running through his veins.
  • Bob said Obama will "lay the foundation" for legislation to lock-up people who say that homosexuality is wrong.
  • Bob accused Obama of associating with a terrorist for serving on a charity board with William Ayers, while repeatedly inviting a convicted felon and would-be clinic bomber on the show.
  • Bob spent hours discussing the endorsement of Obama by Louis Farrakhan, even though Obama repudiated the endorsement.
  • Bob tried to tie the actions of Obama supporter Larry Lessing to the President-elect, even though Barack had absolutely no control over such things.
  • Bob lied about Barack Obama's voting record in the Illinois State Senate.
  • Bob questioned the patriotism of Michelle Obama when even Laura Bush said she obviously misspoke.
  • Bob constantly challenged any Christian who planned to vote for Obama and pretty much said that you couldn't be a real Christian and still vote for Obama.
  • Bob said that while he didn't think Obama is the anti-Christ, he let his callers assert that he. Repeatedly.
  • Bob spent about an hour discussing the significance of the Illinois lottery drawing the numbers '666' on the day after the election.
  • And, of course, in addition to all of the above, Bob wanted people to find Obama guilty of hating America because he attended the church where Jeremiah Wright was the preacher.
So Bob, if you can't find the line that you've crossed in your treatment of Barack Obama, then you're beyond hope.

Feel free to add any other examples of Bob's ruthless attacks in the comments...


Kramer said...

It seem's to me that Bob himself would be a more likely candidate for anti-christ than would Obama. I mean if there were such a thing as the anti-christ he would be somebody filled with a deep seated, seething hatred, and a master of lying, deception, and hypocrisy. The "dark one" would also be an ego-maniac, incapable of admitting when wrong, or possibly being so ego-maniacal, and narcissistic never considering himself wrong. Do these personality characteristics sound familiar to anyone.

realemon said...

Thank God I found this site. I've been listening for years and have been looking for fellow haters. I can't stand this guy but I can't stop listening. I couldn't believe when I heard him complaining about how much hate mail he has been getting. I told him that if he talked about apple pie for four hours a day for 3 months straight maybe his hate mail would be about apple pie. Lets be intellectually honest here, apple pie might just be the anti-pie!
Also, did you hear him a few months back during the prayer for the troops. He prayed for "Jen Italia". Even his producers were laughing in the background. I have to take credit for that little prank.

Megaaverage said...

I have to agree with Kramer about Bob being a possible mouthpiece for "The Dark Side". I'm an atheist, and for years I've been telling people to PLEASE listen to this guys show. Nobody proves an non-theist's case better than a rabid fundamentalist with books to sell.

djtyg said...

I think it has something to do with the recent discovery that Bob is a White Supremist.:)

Do you have audio of this? I'd love to hear it.

The Mule said...

The real problem with Bob (there are many but I will focus on one) is that he hides behind the cross (occasionally wrapping has ass in the American flag as well) while he spews what is essentially Right-Wing Republican talking points while being "intellectually honest" etc. In the words of the late George Carlin, if the churches are so interested in politics and public policy, then let them pay their admission price like everyone else. TAX RELIGION!